Netherlands Antilles

Leanez & Cia, Curacao

Ponche Caribe
Ponche Caribe

I exhibit 1 of the 2 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.


Don Angel J. Leánez emigrated from Venezuela to the picturesque colonial Dutch-Caribbean island of Curacao, in 1918.

His early experiments with the distillation of rum, soon led him to produce his first few cases with ingredients he had imported from France.

Don Leánez used his original rum blend, in creating the well known cream liqueur Caribe Ponche.

Increased demand, beyond his friends and family, soon allowed Don Leánez to move his operations out of the home and into a self-built shop.

[Source: Company's web site, cit. 2010]

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an27: US 22°, GL 11°; PC; 750 ml; Ponche Caribe; Shake before serving; The Original Rum - Cream; Produced by Leanez & Cia, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

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