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Harry's Hurricane
Skipper Rum
Skipper Rum
Sandpiper Rum
Sandpiper Rum
Sandpiper Cane Cutter
Sandpiper Cane Cutter
Premium Rock Island
Premium Rock Island
Bahama Mama
Bahama Mama
Black Stripe
Black Stripe
I have a picture only:(
Black Stripe Coconut Pineapple Rum Liqueur
Black Stripe Coconut Pineapple Rum Liqueur
I have a picture only:(
Black Stripe Mandarin Rum Liqueur
Black Stripe Mandarin Rum Liqueur
I have a picture only:(

I exhibit 7 of the 11 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.


1971 Distillery was built on South Service Rd., Grimsby by Swiss Stillmaster, Otto Rieder.
Ownership was privately funded. Initial production consisted of European style fruit spirits (eau de vies or fruit brandies), soon expanded to include the more popular Canadian distilled spirits... vodka, whisky. Grape brandy continued to be a specialty.
1985 Grimsby plant, warehouse and office expanded to accommodate growth.
1992 Otto Rieder retires. Original financial backers seek replacement.
John K. Hall assumes position of C.E.O. and takes an equity position.
1993 Rieder Distillery applies for, and is granted a commercial Winery License, for the province of Ontario, making it the only combination winery, and distillery operating in Ontario.
1993 Name is changed from Rieder Distillery to Kittling Ridge Estate Wines & Spirits.
Mission statement... to produce products offering Quality, Taste and Value.
1993 Company launches first landmark product... Kittling Ridge Ice Wine & Brandy, combining the still master's craft and the winemakers art.
1994 KR's Pure Gold Whisky (a.k.a. Canadian Company Whisky), becomes the 3rd most popular imported spirit in Taiwan.
1995 Kittling Ridge becomes 6th largest winery in Ontario. Over 50 people employed full time.
1996 Kittling purchases the small Ontario winery... Cullotta. This affords KR 6 off-premise retail wine shops in the province of Ontario.
1997 Company payroll tops 100 employees, wine sales exceed 60,000 cases.
1997 KR launches Inferno Pepper Pot Vodka.
1997 KR mourns the passing of one of the founding owners, Mr. Ben Webster, Helix Investments.
1998 Mr. John K. Hall assumes majority ownership of Kittling Ridge Ltd.
1998 KR begins major export venture with Inferno Pepper Pot Vodka to the USA
1998 KR announces new hotel project, the Kittling Ridge Inn. Ground breaking to begin June 1999
1999 By mid-year, Inferno Vodka is available in 37 US States. KR launches a second size 1.14L and a 50-ml miniature.
2001 Ground is broken for warehouse expansion.
2001 December.... Kittling Ridge morns the passing of Otto Rieder.
2002 January, Kittling officially opens it's new 75,000 square foot warehouse.
2003 Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky is launched
2005 Prince Igor Vodka passes 60,000 cases annually.

[Source: Company's web site, cit. 2005]

Here are full texts from the labels

ca101: 750 ml; 30% alc/vol; Harry's Hurricane; Shake well; Tropical fruit and rum liqueur; Liqueur au rhum et aux fruits tropicaux; Rieder Distillery Ltd., Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

ca144: Skipper; Rum - Rhum; Estate distilled and barrel aged for superior flavour. A blend of Canadian and imported rum. Un melange de rhum Canadian et importe. Rieder Distillery, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada; 1.75 litre; 40% alc/vol

ca262: Extra Light; Tres Leger; Ron Superior Sandpiper; Rum - Rhum; Destilled and Bottled in Canada under Government Supervision; Distille et embouteille au Canada sous la sous la supervision de gouvernment; 40% alc/vol; 1.14 l; Rider Distillery Ltd, Grimsey, Ontario, Canada

ca263: Sandpiper Cane Cutter; Spiced Rum - Rhum Epice; Blended rum with spices and other natural flavours; Melange de rhums avec epices et autre saveures naturelles; 750 ml; 40% alc/vol; Rider Distillery Ltd, Grimsey, Ontario, Canada

ca145: Jonkanoo; Made from a blend of Domestic & Imported Light Rums with Rums with the natural flavours of the coconut; Riede Distillery Limited, Grimsby, Ontario; Fait d'un melange de rhums Canadiens et importes - avec saveur naturelle de noix de coco; Riede Distillerie Limitee, Grimsby, Ontario; Coconut-Rum Liqueur; Liqueur au Rhum et a la noir de coco; 30% alc/vol; 710 ml

ca6: Premium KR Rock Island Rum - Rhum; Estate distilled and barrel aged for superior flavour. A blend of Canadian and imported rum. Un melange de rhum Canadian et importe. KR estate distillery, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada; 40% alc/vol, 750 mL; Return for refund where applicable - Consigne la ou la loi le prescrit.

ca102: Premium; Classic Cocktails; KR; Bahaama Mama; Rum cocktail; Au rhum; Natural & artifical flavours; Aromes naturels et artificiels; KR Estate Distillery, Grimsby, Canada; 10% alc/vol; 750 ml; Ready to drink

ca_15: Premium Black Stripe white rum

ca_16: Black Stripe Coconut Pineapple Rum Liqueur

ca_17: Black Stripe Mandarin Rum Liqueur

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