Ind. e Com. Quinta do Milho Ltda, Brumadinho - MG

Brumado Velho
Brumado Velho
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Brumado Velho Prata
Brumado Velho Prata
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Cachaça Brumado Velho Ouro
Cachaça Brumado Velho Ouro
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The Brumado old rum has the seal of AMPAQ (Minas Association of Producers of Quality Aguardiente), only granted to cachaças high standard of quality. Besides the stamp, was awarded the IX Festival of Cachaça of Minas Gerais, won 1st Place in the "Technical Tender", 2nd place of the "People's Jury" and in 1996 was honored with the "Silver Medal".

The manufacturing is done by hand, with corn and yeast, without inserting any chemical additive. Distilled in copper stills, guarantees a homogeneous and high quality drink. His aging process - carried out in oak barrels and jequitibá.

The Old Brumado is produced environmentally friendly and not to let the byproducts harm the environment, it uses bagasse as an energy source for the still, besides being transformed into hay to serve along with vinasse tract in feedlot cattle and preparation of organic compost for fertilizer. Disposal of the yeast is transformed into feed for animals.

[Source: Barril 514, cit. 2010]

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br_17: Aguardente de Cana; Brumado Velho; Armazenada em Toneis de Carvalho; 43%; Producao Artesanal Quinta do Minho; A Autentica Cachaca de Minas

br_440: Cachaca Brumado Velho; Armazenada em Toneis de Carvalho; Producao Artesanal Quinta do Minho; Prata; 700 ml

br_559: Cachaça Brumado Velho Ouro; Armazenda em toniés de carvalho; Producao limitada da Quinta do Minho; Cachaca de Alambique; 700 ml

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