Bunbu Rum Co.

Rum labels

Bumbu The Original Rum - Bunbu Rum Co. (bb164)
Bumbu The Original Rum

Bumbu The Original Rum

57 x 55 mm (2.3" x 2.2")
Thanks to Petr K.
Bumbu XO - Bunbu Rum Co. (bb_54)
I have a picture only:(

Bumbu XO

I have a picture only:(


Bumbu is made at a historic Barbadian distillery founded in 1893 and continuously operated for more than 120 years. Our rum is distilled using two continuous stills. The yeast used during fermentation is a distillery secret that dates back as far as 1840, when some of our original iron pot stills were cast.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2019]

Here are full texts from the labels

bb164: Bumbu; The Original; 35% alc/vol; Rum with Natural Flavors

bb_54: Bumbu Rum Co.; Bumbu XO

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