Virgin Islands Rum Industries, Inc (Cruzan Rum)

1. Our high quality sugar cane molasses is received from Caribbean Sugar Plantations.
2. The molasses is diluted with tropical rain water, pumped from our St. Croix aquifers.
3. Our proprietary yeast cultures are added to the molasses and fermentation begins. The fermentation temperature is controlled to ensure optimum quality and flavor as sugars are converted to alcohol by the yeasts.
4. Our Master Distiller supervises the distillation in Cruzan's modern, five-column stainless steel and copper still, producing a fine, clear rum distillate.
5. The hand crafted American oak barrels are filled with the rum distillate.
6. The rum barrels are laid down in our barrel warehouses to age for a minimum of two years - some for twelve years or more. As much as half the rum can be lost to evaporation. The precious spirit remaining now is Cruzan Rum!
7. After barrel aging, the rum is charcoal filtered and diluted to 80 proof with a little more St. Croix rain water.
8. Cruzan rum is bottled on our modern, stainless steel bottling lines.
9. After years in the making, you can find Cruzan Rum, "the World's Finest Rum," at your local store, bar or restaurant.
[Source: Cruzan Rum Home]

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