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West Nile Distilling Company

Rum Ragi
Rum Ragi
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West Nile Distilling Company was conceived in 1972 with a mission to provide spirits of the highest quality in Uganda. The Company is now located in Kosovo, Lungujja and produces spirits with a process and machinery unique within East and Central Africa.

After West Nile Distilling Company was conceived in 1972, construction work started in Arua in 1978 at a fast pace. Unfortunately, due to the political instability of the country in 1978, all work was halted because of the wars and the exile of the Company's founders. When the country regained peace and stability in 1989, construction work was resumed and finished. Production at the factory started and the products enjoyed a huge success among all different types of people.

During this time, the spirits and gins produced by the Company were popular in Uganda. The factory was a poster-child for early development in Uganda and a sign of better times after the terrible season of war. The factory was a popular destination for ministers and East African presidents.

However, the Company was struck by another devastating blow in 2005 when arsonists struck and completely burnt down the factory in Arua. This destroyed manufacturing lines and products worth millions.

This did not destroy the Company's desire to fulfill its mission but instead strengthened its resolve to continue. A few years after this fire, a new factory was born out of its ashes and relocated to Kosovo, Lungujja. Plans to go even further than before were developed and financed and implemented.

The Company now boasts of four top-of-the-range products produced by a process and machinery that is not found any where else in East and Central Africa. Click on any of the products on the right to view more information about each product.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, cit. 2013]

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