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Mainstay International

Mainstay Light Rum
Mainstay Light Rum


Cane spirit is unique to South Africa and was first created in the cane fields of KwaZulu Natal. The production process is identical to vodka, using the same continuous column still, with the base ingredient being either molasses or sugar cane.

Mainstay Original Premium, first launched in 1954, is extremely pure as it's five times distilled and crystal clear. It quickly became popular, and in the 80s was one of the biggest and best selling spirit brands in the world, becoming synonymous with the iconic jingle, "You can stay as you are for the rest of your life, or you can change to Mainstay".

Cane spirit production in South Africa follows the same laws as vodka production in the U.S. and Europe, which means that a cane can always be called a vodka, but a vodka can't necessarily be called a cane. Because of this, Mainstay Premium Original is judged as a vodka at international awards and, in 2007, won the International Wine and Spirit Competition award for "the World's Best Vodka" - a huge achievement for a brand from South Africa competing against much larger international vodkas.

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za8: Premium Light Rum; Mainstay International; Smooth, Dry and Light-Bodied; 750 ml; A52; 43% vol

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