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Caña de Emperador
Caña de Emperador
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By the Dutch Batavia Arrack
By the Dutch Batavia Arrack
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nl_22: Rum Caña de Emperador; Caña de Emperador is a remarkable and authentic aged rum from Guyana a unique and unsweetened rum that represents its own personal character and style; Ex-Bourbon barrels Aged 16 Years, Liverpool, England; 40% alc/vol; French Savalle Column still Diamond Distillery Guyana; Distilled December 2001; Limited Edition Traditional Single Rum; 70cl e

nl_23: By the Dutch Batavia Arrack; Batavia was the name of the capital of the Dutch East Indies, and corresponds to the present day city of Jakarta. The establishment of Batavia (Java Island) at the site of the razed city of Jayakarta ba the Dutch in 1619 led to the Dutch colony that became modern Indonesia following World War II. Batavia became the center of the Dutch East India Company's trading network in Asia. The trade in Batavia arrack was entirely in hands of the Dutch VOC. Virtually all arrack exported to Europe arrived in Amsterdam or Rotterdam in wooden barrels or buts (563 liters). This would thatn be matured and blended to create an end product of consistent quality and flavor; How it's made --> hand crafted; Our Batavia Arrack is distilled based on sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia, dated back to the 17th century. It's comprised of a very specific range of Pot still distillates. It's the 'Rum of Indonesia'. The fermentation process includes the additional of local (red) rice; It is this, which sets it apart of Rum, althoush the base material is still sugar-cane. Distillation of our Batavia Arrack is carried out using very traditional Pot stills, adopting ancientChinese distillers methods. Our Master Blender crafted an excellent product, aged in oak barrels up to 8 years, causing fantastic rich and deep flavors, lingering on the palate; Indonesia Rum; 48% alc/vol; Aged in oak barrels up to 8 years; 700 ml e; 8352304

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