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W. M. Darley, Thorne

United Kingdom

I exhibit 1 of the 2 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.

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Jamaica Rum -  W. M. Darley, Thorne (uk283)
Jamaica Rum

Jamaica Rum

93 x 120 mm (3.7" x 4.7")


The Darley family were closely connected with Thorne for many generations. The founder of the firm, W.M. Darley was born in 1837. He operated a small firm with a few pubs in and around Thorne. His son, C.W. Darley assumed control of the firm in 1892 on the death of his father, when the brewery was enlarged and improved. The brewery remained in the family until October 1978 when it was acquired by Vaux Breweries of Sunderland. Brewing continued until 1986 when the brewery was closed and production transferred to Wards Brewery in Sheffield, also part of the Vaux group.

[Source: Signal Boxes and a Brewery, cited 2005]

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uk283: Finest Old Jamaica Rum; 70% Proof; Imported & Bottled by W. M. Darley LTD

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