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House Spirits Distillery, Portland, OR

House Spirits Rum
House Spirits Rum
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House Spirits Coffee Liqueur
House Spirits Coffee Liqueur
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House Spirits Distillery came about in 2004 in the quaint town of Corvallis, OR. The distillery was started by 2 gentlemen, Lee Medoff and Christian Krogstad, both of whom have done their time making great beer, very drinkable wine and even better spirits.

After a long year of commuting the boys moved House Spirits Distillery north to Portland, OR, a much shorter drive from their homes. At this time Lee and Christian partnered with Mixologist and cocktail consultant Ryan Magarian to release the ever popular Aviation Gin.

A year later after being bugged and begged by visitors, family and friends the boys released the little brother, Krogstad Aquavit. In the deep chill of Winter 2008 they released their first of many Limited Release Line spirits. And, of course, Oregon Whiskey is on it's way...

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, cit. 2010]


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us_282: House Spirits Rum; 100% Hawaiian Turbinado Cane Rum; 42.17% alc by vol (76.34 Proof); 375 ml);Distilled & Bottled by House Spirits Distillery, Portland, Oregon

us_490: House Spirits Coffee Liqueur; Made with coffee and sugar cane molases; 20% alc by vol (40 Proof); 375 ml); Distilled & Bottled by House Spirits Distillery, Portland, Oregon

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