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Fazenda Gameleira, Belo Vale – M.G / Agroindustrial Gameleira Ltda.

Rainha do Vale
Rainha do Vale
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(
Rainha do Vale - Especia
Rainha do Vale - Especia
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

Ich habe keine Etiketten, leider nur diese Bilder:(


Cachaça Rainha do Vale is the consequence of its producers’ vocation. In 1994, the brothers Márcio, Marisa e Tomás Vieira de Moura, thinking in a new professional activity, concluded that their vocation was connected with their origins, the rural activity.

They also concluded that, according to their education, they should be linked to something which claimed for quality and expressed their love for their land and culture.

They studied various option and decided to produce on the Gameleira farm, in Belo Vale – M.G., where they were born, the cachaça Rainha do Vale, with the purpose of producing a cachaça of very high quality. The preservation of the nature has also deserved special attention. The project was accomplished after a long period of research on the process of production and also the cachaça market. We have collected information, visited institutions, alembics, suppliers, and token courses.

Thus, the first vintage of the cachaça Rainha do Vale was distilled in 1997, through a improved process, according to the AMPAQ ( Mineira Association of Producers of Cachaças of Quality) principals. Tradition is an indispensable ingredient for a good cachaça. The quality was maintained and improved throughout the centuries because of the tradition. And the most pure and delicious cachaças in Brazil is a tradition of Minas Gerais. Maintaining the tradition of Minas Gerais in the production of craft cachaças, Rainha do Vale is produced in facilities designed specially for this activity, with the purpose of reaching quality.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, cit. 2004]

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br_66: Rainha de Vale; Belo Vale de Minas

br_924: Rainha do Vale Ouro - Especia

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