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Rampur Distillery, Rampur / Radico Khaitan Limited

Contessa XXX Rum
Contessa XXX Rum
Bermuda White
Bermuda White
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Bermuda XXX
Bermuda XXX
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Rampur Distillery was set up in 1943 and has 450 lakh litre annual capacity. The bottling lines at Rampur can produce close to eight million cases annually.

[Die Quelle: The Hindu Business Line, cit. 2001]

Radico Khaitan Limited (RKL), one of the oldest and largest liquor manufacturers, enjoys a pre-eminent position in the domestic liquor industry. A countrywide distribution network fed with strong brands enjoying overwhelming consumer franchise is the leveraging point for the company.

Further, all the constituents of a forward looking organization; the suppliers, the customers, the trade partners and the share-holders who increasingly understand Radico and its broad philosophy, extend their support to all its endeavors. This is the intangible asset, which the company is proud of and attributes to its success.

Radico Khaitan's primary unit, Rampur Distillery was established in 1943 and is one of the leading manufacturers of country liquor, Rectified Sprit, Extra Neutral Alcohol and high quality liquor, which are sold locally and exported to various nations across the globe. It is also one of the largest distilleries in India with production close to 54 million litres of spirit per annum. The company has recently firmed up plans to increase the capacity of its distillery to 60 million litres per annum. To further boost its production capacity of bottled and branded products, Radico Khaitan has also tied up with twelve bottling units in various parts of the country. In 1992, the Rampur Distillery was selected as Distillery of the Year on the basis of its overall performance.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, cit. 2003]

Radico Khaitan Ltd.(RKL) has a joint Venture with Bacardi International wherein the foreign prtner is holding 51% equity and the balance is held by RKL. The company, i.e., Whythall India Ltd. has its Plant located at Rampur (U.P.) within the premise of RKL. The company manufactures IMFL brands like Whitehall, Whitehall5 and Genesis whiskies at Rampur as well as through their bottling tie-up units in other states of India. These are semi-premium brands made from grain spirit blended with Matl and Scotch. The Joint Venture also has state-of-the-art Malt Spirit Plant at Rampur which supplies quality Malt Spirit to RKL for its own brands like 8 PM and Special Appointment whiskies. Bacardi Martini India Ltd. is one of our important customers for purchasing ENA for making their products.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, cit. 2003]

Radico Khaitan has launched a new brand, the 8PM Bermuda rum. Priced 6-7 per cent higher than the company's best selling rum brand Contessa, 8 PM Bermuda will compete in the premium rum segment dominated by McDowell's Celebrations. 8 PM Bermuda is the third brand in Radico's rum portfolio, the other two being Contessa, which sold 2.05 million cases during 2002-03, and Black Cat, which saw a 300-per cent jump in sales to below half-a-million cases since it was acquired in April 2003.

While Contessa rum and Black Cat rum have given Radico a lead in the defence canteens, the new Bermuda, an extension of 8 PM brand after whiskey and apple juice, is expected to bolster the company's rum sales in bars, restaurants and retail market.

[Die Quelle: domain-B: Indian business, cit. 2003]

Liquor manufacturer Radico Khaitan has firmed up plans to increase its Rampur distillery's production capacity by 15 million litres to 60 million litres per year. In addition, the company has also tied up with 14 bottling units across India to meet its increased demand.

[Die Quelle: domain-B: Indian business, cit. 2003]

The company sold 10 million cases in the year 2004-05 and has three 'millionaire' brands in its portfolio, 8PM Whisky, which sold 3.3 million cases in 2004, Old Admiral Brandy (1.4 million cases ) and Contessa Rum. (2.7 million cases).

[Die Quelle: domain-B : Indian business, cit. 2005]

... To boost its [ie. RADICO Khaitan Ltd] production, the company recently tied up with seven bottling units. These include N. V. Distilleries and Breweries of Punjab, Samrat Bottlers in Rajasthan, Deviclom Distilleries in Kerala, Satpuda Tapi P.S.S.K. of Maharashtra, Kapitan Distilleries and Rhizome Distilleries & Liquor India of Andhra Pradesh.

[Die Quelle: Business Line, cit. 2005]

India’s second largest spirits marketer, Radico Khaitan, will take 36% stake in a mega greenfield distillery project in Maharashtra. Radico will be the largest shareholder in a three-way joint venture in which leading distributor and bottler, Ashok Jain-led NV Group and Riddhi Siddhi, are the other stakeholders.

This will be Radico’s second distillery after the original facility at Rampur in Uttar Pradesh. Besides primary and secondary distillations, the Aurangabad venture will also have a bottling facility for the company’s brands like 8PM Whisky, Contessa Rum, Magic Moments Vodka and Old Admiral Brandy.

[Die Quelle: Moneycontrol India, cit. 2007]

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in54: Contessa XXX Rum; Matured Cane Juice; Consumption of liquor is injurious to health; Contents 750 ml; Strength: 24 UP, 42,8% V/V; Distileld, blended and bottled by Rampur Distillery (a unit of Radico Khaitan Ltd), Rampur (U.P.); Made in India

in_5: Bermuda XXX; Original Caribbean Rum; Distilled, blended & bottled by Rampur Distillery, a unit of Radico Khaitan LTD, Rampur (U.P.)

in_4: Bermuda XXX; Original Caribbean Rum; Distilled, blended & bottled by Rampur Distillery, a unit of Radico Khaitan LTD, Rampur (U.P.)

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