Das Rum-Museum, Flensburg, Germany

  Museum Das Rum-Museum

We have visited Flensburg, Germany, during my summer vacation in June 2003. There is a rum museum in the Schiffahrtsmuseum (Maritime Museum).


Both museums are located in the former customhouse. There in its cellar, where once was a bonded rum warehouse, is since 1993 an exposition of the famous rum history of the city of Flensburg.



Flensburg was the home of about 30 rum importing companies at the beginning of the 20th century, which sold rum under their own label. Johannsen-Rum is last of them left today (view labels here). The right picture shows me with my hands full of their products :-)


We have found a new rum producer in Flensburg too. This good rum you can also buy in the rum museum. The company's name is Weinhaus Braasch.

Weinhaus Braasch  

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