Antigua and Barbuda

Here is list of companies whose rum bottle labels I have in my collection
Antigua Distillery Ltd., St John's (28)
Angelo Barreto, Bolans Village (1)
Betty's Hope sugar plantation (0)
Jumby Bay (1)
Montpelier Sugar Factory (0)
Red Pirate Rhum Works (7)

Rum was probably made here soon after the first cane was planted around 1650; contemporary accounts suggest it was made in a "light" style (for its time). By 1764, there were 300 plantations on the island; by 1879, 15 000 acres of cane were being processed in seventy-eight factories. By 1939, there were two.

[Source: Dave Broom, Jason Lowe: Rum, 2003, p.107]

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