Nicolás Merino, Habana


Rum labels

Superior Rum -  Nicolás Merino, Habana (cu_19)
Superior Rum

Superior Rum

Ron Merino -  Nicolás Merino, Habana (cu_18)
Ron Merino

Ron Merino


Company was established in max 1915.

According to the Cuban trade mark register, Nicolás Merino, Esperanza núm. 5, Habana had protected the name EL GLOBO.

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Here are full texts from the labels

cu_19: Bebida Real; Drink Royal; Superior Rum; Made by Nicolas Merino, S.A., Havana, Cuba

cu_18: Rum Superior Quality; Imported Ron Merino Rum; Imported from Habana, Cuba; White Label; Destilled by Nicolas Merino, S.A., Havana, Cuba; 86 Proof; Imported and bottled by Price Bros. Co., Boston, Mass

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