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Ron Palmas Pinilla - Pinilla distillery, Manzanillo (cu113)
Ron Palmas Pinilla

Ron Palmas Pinilla (cu113)

90 x 125 mm (3.5" x 4.9")
Pinilla - Pinilla distillery, Manzanillo (cu_86)
I have a picture only:(

Pinilla (cu_86)

I have a picture only:(


Company was established in 1905.

[Source: Raidel Veloz (relevant page), cited 2020]

A new exclusive brand of rum will be released shortly onto the international market, as part of the activities to commemorate the centenary of the Pinilla distillery in Manzanillo.

The product, to be called Ron Viejo (Old Rum), will be at least twelve years old and aged in American oak casks. This will impart the distinctive aroma and flavor for which the rums from this distillery are famous.

The new rum will be sold in ceramic bottles in a presentation pack and will include a set of small ceramic mugs to commemorate the centenary of the distillery and the new brand.

The Pinilla distillery, located in the eastern province of Granma, produces a number of different brands of rum including the well known Arecha and Pinilla brands as well as a number of other sugar cane based liquors and spirits.

A century after its creation the Pinilla Rum distillery still has its original wooden casks and preserves the tradition of high quality rum making. The recent modernization of equipment has significantly increased productivity to fulfill the growing demand for Cuban high-quality spirits in the island, Central America, Canada, Spain and Italy.

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cu113: Ron Palmas Pinilla; 0.750 l; 40 G.L.; Ron Pinilla, ave. Paquito Rosales, Km 1 Manzanillo, Granma; I.A.S. - 5.198-1

cu_86: Pinilla

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