Distillerie de Grand'Anse / SOSUMAG

Rum labels

Rhum blanc -  Distillerie de Grand'Anse / SOSUMAG (gp240)
Rhum blanc

Rhum blanc (gp240)

80 x 120 mm (3.1" x 4.7")


The sugar refinery and distillery was rebuilt in the beginning of 1960's, but, after the rather favorable years 1970's, the situation is degraded and the company which manages the factory, the SOSUMAG, is put in liquidation in 1994. In 1995 the factory was restarted by Alsatian group Ernstein.

In 1845 was Grande Anse established.

In 1910 was owned by family Retz, Capesterre.

In 1932 was Grande Anse destructed by strike and than by fire.

In 1964 was Grande Anse purchased by SOSUMAG.

[Source: L'Or des Iles, cited 2005]

Here are full texts from the labels

gp240: Produit de la Distillerie de Grand'Anse; Rhum Blanc; Rhum Agricole; Marie-Galante; 100 cl e; Appellation d'Origine; 55% vol; 3 014400 010726

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