Boukman Rhum

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Boukman Wild Spice Rum - Boukman Rhum (ht_13)
I have a picture only:(

Boukman Wild Spice Rum (ht_13)

I have a picture only:(


Company was established in 2016.

[Source: Caribbean Life (relevant page), cited 2018]

... founders — Josette Buffaret Thomas, a native of Haiti, and Adrian Keogh who is from Ireland, started it all in 2016...

Boukman Rhum is made in the same traditional Haitian way of making moonshine, called “kleren tronpe” in Haiti.

[Source: Caribbean Life (relevant page), cited 2018]

Here are full texts from the labels

ht_13: Crafted Boukman in Haiti; Wild Spice Rum; Listen to the voice of freedom rising in our hearts

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