Frome, Westmoreland


Information obtained by the Center for the Study of Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London:

Rum was distilled on the domain 'Frome, Westmoreland' at least between 1768 and 1803.

The 1889-1890 Handbook lists Belleisle and Frome as belonging to the heirs of William Vickers. The attorneys were H. A. Vickers and E. J. Sadler. Belleisle consisted of 340 acres of sugar cane and 2,382 acres in grass, woodland and ruinate. The cane mill was run by steam and water, and sugar was produced by the vacuum pan method. The estate produced 320 tons of sugar in 1890 and 424 puncheons of rum. Frome at that time was smaller in size, with 200 acres of cane and 605 acres in other. In 1890 it produced 204 tons of cane and 166 puncheons of rum. By 1936 Frome, Fontabelle and Belleisle were listed together. They belonged to James Charley (who also owned Masemure). There were 1,165 acres of cane and 2,278 acres of other. The mill was run by steam, and sugar was produced by the quadruple effect and vacuum pan. In 1934 they produced 3,000 tons of cane and 11,500 gallons of rum. Frome was on the way to becoming a large conglomerate.

[Source: Jamaican Family Search, cited 2019]

Handbook of Jamaica 1905:

Sugar estate in cultivation in Jamaica in the year 1903-1904

Name of estateFrome
OwnerBelleisle Estates Co.Ltd
Attorney of ownerW.A.S. Vickers
Acres cane250
Acres other807
Type of millStm & Wtr
Process of manufactureCentrifugal
Hhds * sugar-
Punchns * rum-
* 1 hoghead = 238 l, 1 puncheon = 318 l
[Source: Jamaican Family Search, cited 2019]

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