Pantrepant Estate, Trelawny


Information obtained by the Center for the Study of Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London:

Rum was distilled on the domain 'Pantre Pant, Trelawny' at least between 1758 and 1790.

Gleaner Excerpts (Jamaica), October 6, 1877


Pantrepant Estate
An extensive freehold of 2361 Acres. There are 133 Head of Stock belonging to the Property. A very excellent and strong Iron Water Wheel is the motive power. A steam Engine, Wentzell, and Centrifugal Pans, as well as a set of Steam Tube Clarifiers and other machinery have been recently erected on this Estate.

[Source: Jamaican Family Search, cited 2019]

Gleaner Excerpts (Jamaica), November 12, 1877

Pantrepant was reputed as producing, with the exception of Nightingale Grove, somewhat off the road to Stewart Town, the best rum in the parish.

[Source: Jamaican Family Search, cited 2019]

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