Retrieve Estate, Westmoreland


Information obtained by the Center for the Study of Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London:

Rum was distilled on the domain 'Retrieve Estate, Westmoreland' at least between 1741 and 1807.

Handbook of Jamaica 1905:

Sugar estate in cultivation in Jamaica in the year 1903-1904

Name of estateRetrieve
OwnerR.E. Braham
Attorney of ownerJohn Hudson
Acres cane210
Acres other779
Type of millSteam
Process of manufactureCentrifugal
Hhds * sugar265
Punchns * rum167
* 1 hoghead = 238 l, 1 puncheon = 318 l
[Source: Jamaican Family Search, cited 2019]

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