Busco N.V., Saint-Martin Cedex

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Busco - Busco N.V., Saint-Martin Cedex (mf_4)
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Busco (mf_4)

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Derived from the name Columbus, Busco rhums are the work of Christian Carreau. He as the former owner of Champagne, an upscale spirits store in Marigot. During his years in the fine liquor business, M. Carreau became very familiar with the French West Indies distilleries and their rhum. In 1993, he began importing rhum from the Severin distillery in Guadeloupe to blend in his Busco products.

Here are full texts from the labels

mf_4: Busco; Rhum agricole de la plantation; Premium fine rum; St. martin; 1 lit.; 50% vol; Selectionne et mis en bouteille par Busco N.V., B.P. 209 - 97053 Saint-Martin Cedex (Antilles Francaises)

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