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Caliche Rum - Caliche Rum, Ponce (pr_77)
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Caliche Rum (pr_77)

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Creators Rande Gerber and Roberto Serrallés introduce Caliche Rum. It's been six generations in the making exclusively from the Serrallés Family Distillery, the birthplace of premium Puerto Rican rum. Drink Caliche Rum and discover why the Serrallés family produces more than 65% of the rum consumed in the Land of Rum.

The name "Caliche" comes from a type of limestone. It's a sedimentary rock that cements other materials together including gravel, sand, clay and silt. Caliche is found worldwide, particularly around Destilería Serrallés in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

[Source: Company's web site (relevant page), cited 2014]

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pr_77: Caliche Puerto Rican Rum

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