Puerto Rico

Trigo Corp., Toja Baja

Ron Bocoy Premium Puerto Rican Rum
Ron Bocoy Premium Puerto Rican Rum
Trigo Reserva Añejo
Trigo Reserva Añejo
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The Trigo Corporation introduced their new 'Paso Fino' rum liqueur.

The Trigo Corp specializes in aging and blending local rums according to their own unique methods. In addition to Reserva Aneja, they produce the popular Ron Canita de Alambique, Trigo Coquito, Twin Isle and Ron Bugalu coconut rum.

[Source: eXaminer.com, cit. 2010]

Luis Trigo was born in San Jaun, P.R. Son of one of Puerto Rico main Fine Spirite Distillery & Producers in Puerto Rico. Trigo Corp has produced famous brands such as Pedro Domec’s Brandy Fundador. As of today, Trigo Corp produces famous Rum Brands such as Reserva Aneja, Con Canita de Alambique, Trigo Coquito, Twin Isle and Ron Bugalu. In the past, world known Ron Bocoy was also produced at Trigo Corp. Mr. Luis Trigo has a huge passion for Wine & Rum. His knowledge of rum has been very helpfull for his family business.

[Source: Taste of Rum, cit. 2010]

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pr14: Bottled in Puerto Rico; Ron Bocoy Premium Puerto Rican Rum; 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof); Produced and bottled by Trigo Corp., Toa Baja, P. R.

pr_63: Trigo Reserva Añejo; Rum of Puerto Rico

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