J.A. Taussig and Brothers, Wien


Record in the publication Catalogue of International Exhibition, 1862:
TAUSSIG J.A. and Brothers.
Possessors of Spirit-refinery and of the I.R. priv. Vinegar-, Rum- and Liqueur-manufactory. Sechshaus 16 near Vienna.
The establishment refines every year 55,000 eimers of Spirits to 90-96 p C. of Alcohol, employs 40 workmen and 2 steamboilers brings its articles to inland and foreign markets and has Agencies in all Provinces of the Austrian Empire and in the most considerable commercial places of Italy. The yearly production of Vinegar-essence amounts to 10,000 eimers. Extensive stores of Liqueurs, Rum Slivovitz from the most-common up to the most exquisite sorts, are constantly kept.

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