Rum labels

Rhum Vieux Martinique - Niggerbrand (ch44)
Rhum Vieux Martinique

Rhum Vieux Martinique (ch44)

94 x 118 mm (3.7" x 4.6")
Jamaica Rum - Niggerbrand (ch45)
Jamaica Rum

Jamaica Rum (ch45)

125 x 110 mm (4.9" x 4.3")


I don't know if it is Swiss company... I received the label in package of Swiss labels.

Here are full texts from the labels

ch44: Rhum Vieux Martinique; NB; Se recommande par sa purete et la finesse de son arome. Produit naturel de la Distillerie; 40% Vol; Niggerbrand

ch45: NB; Fine Old Jamaica Rum; Nigger-Brand; Genuine produce of Jamaica; 40% vol; Niggerbrand; 70 cl; Niggerbrand Rum

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