Josef Bayer, Mnichovo Hradiště

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Rum tuzemský -  Josef Bayer, Mnichovo Hradiště (cz_297)
I have a picture only:(

Rum tuzemský (cz_297)

I have a picture only:(
Source: Thanks to paní K.


In the house No. 277 at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Jewish merchant Albert Mendl and later his sons operated a liquor bar and a wine wholesaler called Kořalna u Mendlů. Later owners Josef Novotný and Josef Bayer had a sale and bar of spirits and wholesale of colonial goods.

[Source: Mnichovo Hradiště (relevant page), cited 2021]

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cz_297: Mnichovohradecká Likérka; Rum tuzemský; Josef Bayer

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