Falešný rum

Rum labels

Tuzemský rum - Falešný rum (cz6)
Tuzemský rum

Tuzemský rum (cz6)

81 x 105 mm (3.2" x 4.1")
Tuzemský rum konzumní - Falešný rum (cz7)
Tuzemský rum konzumní

Tuzemský rum konzumní (cz7)

110 x 135 mm (4.3" x 5.3")
Rum John Silver - Falešný rum (cz8)
Rum John Silver

Rum John Silver (cz8)

100 x 111 mm (3.9" x 4.4")
Konzumní rum tuzemský - Falešný rum (cz9)
Konzumní rum tuzemský

Konzumní rum tuzemský (cz9)

89 x 121 mm (3.5" x 4.8")


I did get these illicid rum labels by post in February 1997. Here is a shortage of a letter, which was enclosed with the labels.

Dear Sir!

I know that you are a rum labels collector - so I'm sending you a rare collection.

These brands were produced in a bootlet bottling plant.

Labels marked on revers are fakes. The rest of the labels are regular editon for your colletion.

I think, that you shouldn't talk about my letter, at least not this year.

Here are full texts from the labels

cz6: Fruta Brno; Tuzemský Rum; Závod Aromka; Konzumní lihovina

cz7: Tuzemský rum konzumní; Lihovar Praha 5 - Smíchov

cz8: Alcor; Rum John Silver; Vyrábí likérka Alcor s.r.o., Kolín - Zibohlavy

cz9: Konzumní rum tuzemský; Kato Tišnov

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