Adolf Pollak, Krnov

Rum labels

Tee-Rum -  Adolf Pollak, Krnov (cz_356)
I have a picture only:(

Tee-Rum (cz_356)

I have a picture only:(


In addition to textile production, for which the town was given the name "Silesian Manchester", Krnov another important industry with almost 100% Jewish participation was liquor production. The oldest liquor factory was founded in 1854 by Adolf Pollak, other liqueurs included Jakob Bäuml and Ferdinand Lichtwitz, Langer & Rösner, Heinrich Reik and especially Siegfried Gessler, the court supplier of the Altvater liqueur (Praděd).

Here are full texts from the labels

cz_356: Feiner Tee-Rum; 60%; Grande Distillerie Ad. Pollak's Sohn, Jägerndorf; A.P.S.

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