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Flensburger Schiffer-Rum-Verschnitt -  J. Brodersen, Flensburg (de_569)
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Flensburger Schiffer-Rum-Verschnitt (de_569)

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Company was established in 1779.

[Source: The label]

The "Colonialwaaren-Handel H. P. Schmidt" was founded in Flensburg in 1779. Jürgen Brodersen, grandson of the West India captain Asmus Brodersen, learned the business of sugar, tobacco, schnapps and rum there from scratch. In 1867, he took over the business and continued it under his name "J. Brodersen, Flensburg."

Jürgen Brodersen dedicated this "Flensburger Schiffer-Rum-Verschnitt" to his famous grandfather Asmus and his frigate "Urania".

With the new edition according to the old recipe, the Braasch family would like to remember the tradition of the Brodersen family with gratitude and pride.

[Source: Company's web site (relevant page), cited 2021]

Here are full texts from the labels

de_569: Flensburger (Jamaica) Schiffer-Rum-Verschnitt; Spirituose; B; Braasch; Urania von Horsburg; J. Brodersen, Flensburg; 42% vol; Gegr. 1779; 0.7 l

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