Distillerie de Bercloux, Bercloux

Rum labels

Rhum de melasse -  Distillerie de Bercloux, Bercloux (fr_1397)
I have a picture only:(

Rhum de melasse (fr_1397)

I have a picture only:(
Source: jardinvouvrillon.fr


In 2002 Philippe Laclie founded the Bercloux brewery, which in 2012 was transformed into a distillery.

In 2019 he created the first rum from molasses imported from Jamaica, Reunion and Mexico.

[Source: Au Jardin Vouvrillon (relevant page), cited 2020]

Here are full texts from the labels

fr_1397: Bercloux; Distillations Spéciales; Rhum de melasse; Produit en Charente-Maritime; Mélasse de canne distillée dans natre Alambic Stupfler. Rhum vieilli en barrique;

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