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Mangoustan's - Fournie Freres & Co / SLAUR (fr708)

Mangoustan’s (fr708)

120 x 140 mm (4.7" x 5.5")
Mangoustan's - Fournie Freres & Co / SLAUR (fr111)

Mangoustan’s (fr111)

100 x 120 mm (3.9" x 4.7")
Tres vieux Rhum Mangoustan's - Fournie Freres & Co / SLAUR (fr176)
Tres vieux Rhum Mangoustan's

Tres vieux Rhum Mangoustan’s (fr176)

110 x 80 mm (4.3" x 3.2")
Mangoustan's - Fournie Freres & Co / SLAUR (fr722)

Mangoustan’s (fr722)

135 x 126 mm (5.3" x 4.9")


Company was established in 1915.

[Source: The label]

Now it is part of company SLAUR.

[Source: Company's material, cited 2000]

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Here are full texts from the labels

fr708: Mangoustan's genuine Rhum; Carte Grise; Coming from the best traditional distilleries; 43% alc; 750 ml; Luxury blend; Mangoustan's Rum; Rum Mangoustan's offers to connonsieurs this specifity which is that compared to some other rums, it has got nothing violent and so, constitutes a speciality; This rum of a smooth perfume and exquisite aroma takes all its qualities from, as well the choice of the used canes, as their particulary careful distillation and the long duration of its macerations. All these characteristics create a perfect unity that the real connoisseurs are pleased to recognise in Mangoustan's rum; 212YS; The rum of the connoisseurs; 05BDTE0009; EMB 76351A

fr111: Mangoustan's Rhum d'Origine; Carte Grise; 42% vol; Provenant des Meilleures Distilleries Traditionnelles; Les Succrs. de Fournie Freres & Co. Import, Bordeaux; 1 L; Rhum Mangoustan's; S.L.A.U.R. - Chauvet S.A., 192, rue de la Valle, 76600 Le Havre; S 12080

fr176: Tres vieux Rhum Mangoustan's; les tres Vieux Rhum MANGOUSTAN'S Carte d'Or, reserve speciale de la Maison, est le fleuron de la gamme prestigieuse des Rhum's Mangoustan's.; Rigoureusement selectionne et vieilli de longues annees en futs de chêne, sa puissance et son arome sont particulierement apprecies des grands connaisseurs; 70 cl; Carte d'or; 44°; Slaur S.A. - Le Havre - France; publi7

fr722: Depuis 1915; Mangoustan's Rhum d'origine; Carte Grise; Provenant des meilleures distilleries traditionnelles; 42% Vol; 1 L; Rhum Mangoustan's; Les Succrs de Fournié Freres & Co, Import, Bordeaux; Rum Mangoustan's; Succ.: Slaur - Chauvet S.A., 192, rue de la Vallée, 76000 Le Havre; 212K2; 3014400009942

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