Demerara Distillers Europe b.v, Zaandam


Rum labels

Alize - Demerara Distillers Europe b.v, Zaandam (nl_16)

Caribbean Twist - Demerara Distillers Europe b.v, Zaandam (nl_18)
Caribbean Twist

Caribbean Twist


In 1860 Demerara Distillers Europe, then under its former name Breitenstein Products, began trading in tropical products. From the former Dutch East Indies they imported cane sugar and coffee intended for the Dutch market. Thanks to Breitenstein's extensive knowledge of the export country and the maintenance of good relations, their activities soon became a great success.

Beginning of 2003 the company name Breitenstein Products was changed into Demerara Distillers Europe.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2004]

Here are full texts from the labels

nl_16: Alize

nl_18: Caribbean Twist

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