Polmos Poznan


Rum labels

Rum Senorita - Polmos Poznan (pl1)
Rum Senorita

Rum Senorita

80 x 101 mm (3.1" x 4")
Rum Piracki - Polmos Poznan (pl2)
Rum Piracki

Rum Piracki

76 x 137 mm (3" x 5.4")

Here are full texts from the labels

pl1: Polmos; Special Quality Rum Senorita; 40% obj; 0.5 l; Produced and bottled in Poland, Polmos Poznan

pl2: Polmos; Rum Piracki; 40% obj; 0.75 l; Produced and bottled in Poland by Polmos - Poznan

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