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Niagara, čajový rum - Perla, Banská Bystryca (sk67)
Niagara, čajový rum

Niagara, čajový rum (sk67)

82 x 213 mm (3.2" x 8.4")


The brewery was located in a historic building from the time of Hungary. It was originally part of the entire plant for the production of spirits - Banská Bystrica's first Hungarian fruit distillation company, later renamed Perla. Spirits such as plum brandy, pine, but also various fruit wines, liqueurs and beer were produced here, says historian Vladimír Sklenka.

[Source: (det), cited 2020]

The founder of the First Banská Bystrica distillation for fruit and cognac was Jozef Löwy. Its initials are still on the attic of the distillery's administrative building.
Meanwhile, the distillery in Horná Street is acquired by the couple Leopold and Matilda Munels, who also owned a nearby stone villa in Horná Street no. 69. In April 1947, the distillery was acquired in an execution auction by the Nutter family, who had rented it since January 2, 1940. In less than a year, a national administration was imposed on the company, and subsequently in 1950 the company became the property of the Central Slovak Fermentation Industry, n.p. Trenčín. In 1952, the Banská Bystrica distillery Fatra, n.p. and in 1960 the administration of the property passes to Stredoslovenské konzervárny a liehovary, n. p. Liptovský Mikuláš.

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Beer coaster
Dir. of RČS, 1935

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sk67: Niagara, čajový rum; Perla; Továreň na liehové nápoje, likérové špeciality, ovocné vína a šťávy, Banská Bystryca; Neografia

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