Mahiky Rum, London

United Kingdom

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Mahiki White Rum - Mahiky Rum, London (uk_164)
Mahiki White Rum

Mahiki White Rum
Mahiki Gold Rum - Mahiky Rum, London (uk_165)
Mahiki Gold Rum

Mahiki Gold Rum
Mahiki Cognac Cask Rum - Mahiky Rum, London (uk_166)
Mahiki Cognac Cask Rum

Mahiki Cognac Cask Rum


Papa Jules Biography

Over the last two decades the flamboyant creator of Mahiki Rum, Julien Gualdoni or Papa Jules, has developed an intense passion for rum and rum-based drinks. Born and raised in St Tropez, France, Papa Jules was first introduced to rum by his mother, who educated him about the spirit as a young adult. He moved to London at the age of 23 and worked at various bars including The Avenue, Eagle Bar and Diner, Sosho and The Player before being appointed General Manager of Trailer Happiness, a rum bar in Notting Hill.

When Mahiki Mayfair opened in 2006, Papa Jules’ vast experience and breadth of knowledge meant that he was the natural choice to set up and manage this Tiki-themed rum bar and nightclub in central London. With Mahiki running smoothly Papa Jules turned his attention to creating a range of premium rums that would be enjoyed and appreciated by both consumers and industry professionals alike. He worked tirelessly over a six month period to create the perfect blend for each of the three Mahiki Rums. Now totally engulfed in his true passion, rum, Papa Jules splits his time between London and the Caribbean where he works extensively with local distilleries.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2008]

Here are full texts from the labels

uk_164: Mahiki White Rum; Fine Barbados Rum; 40% alc/vol

uk_165: Mahiki Gold Rum; Fine Barbados Rum; 40% alc/vol

uk_166: Mahiki Cognac Cask Rum; Fine Barbados Rum Aged in Cognac Casks; 40% alc/vol

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