Robert Watson, Edinburgh


Rum labels

Watson's Trawler Rum -  Robert Watson, Edinburgh (uk27)
Watson's Trawler Rum

Watson’s Trawler Rum

125 x 114 mm (4.9" x 4.5")
Watson's Demerara Rum -  Robert Watson, Edinburgh (uk86)
Watson's Demerara Rum

Watson’s Demerara Rum

123 x 115 mm (4.8" x 4.5")
Strongs Finest Old Rum -  Robert Watson, Edinburgh (uk308)
Strongs Finest Old Rum

Strongs Finest Old Rum

117 x 89 mm (4.6" x 3.5")


In 1990's was company acquired by Ian Macleod & Co. Ltd. from Allied Domecq.

Trade mark for "ROBERT WATSON'S Demerara RUM" label is owned by Ian Macleod & Co. Ltd..

[Source: The UK Patent Office, cited 2004]

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Here are full texts from the labels

uk27: Watson's Trawler Rum; 700 ml e; 40% vol; Robert Watson, 6 Chester Street, Edinburgh; Produce of Guyana, Barbados

uk86: Watson's Demerara Rum; Fully matured in wood; 700 ml e; Produce of Guyana; 40% vol; Robert Watson Ltd., EH52 5BU Scotland

uk308: Strongs Finest Old Rum; Produce of Guyana; Imported and Bottled by Robert Watson (Aberdeen) Ltd., Aberdeen; 13 1/3 Fl Ozs; 70° Proof

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