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85 Lashes - Amalgamated Brewing Company, St. Louis, MO (us_272)
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85 Lashes (us_272)

I have a picture only:(


Amalgamated Distilling Company is located in the Historic Benton Park district of St. Louis Missouri. In fact… Amalgamated is producing beer and spirits for the first time since prohibition, in one of the old Lemp Brewery buildings.

In 2009, Amalgamated launched the distillery, and we're hitting the ground running, launching our 85 Lashes Rum with distribution nationwide.

When visiting Amalgamated Distilling, you may also find any one of our other spirits available for tasting, such as our Gin, Sambuca, Corn Whiskey, or Peach Brandy made from real Calhoun Peaches from Calhoun County Illinois, famous for their candy-like sweet and perfectly ripened fruit.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2010]

The company was apparently be closed. Websites disappeared, Facebook does not have a new messages, the house on address 1821 Cherokee St, Saint Louis is offered to rent.

[Source: Internet, cited 2014]

Here are full texts from the labels

us_272: 85 Lashes; 85 Proof; 42.5% Alc by Vol; Distilled and Bottled by Amalgamated Brewing Co.

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