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Batiste Rhum Blanc - St. Barts Spirit Company (us_404)
Batiste Rhum Blanc

Batiste Rhum Blanc

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Rhum Agricole Batiste - St. Barts Spirit Company (us_405)
Rhum Agricole Batiste

Rhum Agricole Batiste

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Jean Baptiste Gréaux, affectionately known as “Batiste,” – for whom we named our rhum – was a ninth generation native of the French island of St. Barthelemy.

Continuing his ancestral Buccaneering ways, Batiste scoured the Caribbean on his schooner for the best Rhum, perfume, Champagne, coffee and tobacco to sell to his affluent clientele in St. Barths.

Jean Baptiste became known as a man with discerning taste that delivered the finest of luxury goods.

Now his granddaughter, the founder of The St. Barts Spirit Company, Jacqueline Gréaux, continues the tradition, bringing you The Spirit of St. Barths... Batiste Rhum Agricole.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2008]

Here are full texts from the labels

us_404: Batiste Rhum Blanc; Rum; St. Barths, FWI; 40% alc/vol

us_405: Rhum Agricole Batiste; Marie Galante; Rhum Agricole 2013; Rum Imported; 70 dl; 45% alc/vol

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