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Don Rafael Cacao Rum - Cacao Prieto, Brooklyn, NY (us_302)
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Don Rafael Cacao Rum (us_302)

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Mamajuana - Cacao Prieto, Brooklyn, NY (us_475)
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Mamajuana (us_475)

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Cacao Prieto produces bean-to-bar chocolate made fresh daily from the finest organic, single origin Dominican Cacao and distills a line of small batch, cacao-based liqueurs and rums. But, look closer and it becomes clear that Cacao Prieto is a crucial meeting place of ideas, of traditions, of dreams and technology. It is a place, finally, where the creation of delicious chocolate and liquor resonates with an idealistic sense of purpose stating that making one thing the right way might just makes the world a better place.

Cacao Prieto was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, an inventor and aerospace engineer, whose family has been farming organic cacao and sugar cane in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years.

All Cacao Prieto products are sourced from organic cocoa beans from our family’s Coralina farms and organic sugars from the Dominican Republic — in this way Cacao Prieto is now one of the very few chocolate companies in the world that is completely vertically integrated from the farm to the finished product. From pods to beans; from bars to bon bons; from hard science to the ethereal joy of tasting high quality chocolate, Cacao Prieto’s trailblazing methods link the best of the New and Old Worlds to re-define the manufacture, the processing and, of course, the pleasures of chocolate and chocolate based liqueurs and rums.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2014]

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us_302: Don Rafael; Cacao Prieto Distillery; Made from Heirloom varietals Dominican Cacao and sugar cane; Cacao flavor rum; 40 % alc by vol; 750 ml

us_475: Distilled & Bottled by Cacao Prieto Distillery; Mamajuana; Spice Flavored Rum; Includes: anamu, anis estrellado, bohuco palo, albahaca, canelilla, bojuco caro, marabeli, clavo dulce, maguey leaves, timacle, brazil wood, cinnamon, ginger; 40 % alc by vol; 750 ml

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