John Hall, Medford, MA


Successor: Medford Rum Distillery, MA

Rum manufacturing started in Medford in 1715 and continued until four distilleries, owned mostly by fathers and sons, operated in the downtown area.

The first distillery, built in 1715 by John Hall, remained in the family until 1801. It was located on the northern side of Riverside Avenue between Medford Square and River Street. (This location was chosen because of the clear spring water that rose from the ground there.) The Isaac distillery stood on the east side of River Street, beside the cemetery. Bishop distillery stood on Riverside Avenue opposite River Street near the Mystic River. The Blanchard distillery, which stood near the corner of Mystic Valley Parkway and Main Street, distilled anise-seed, snake-root clove-water as well as rum.

In 1824 Daniel Lawrence purchased the John Hall distillery which by then was the only active distillery remaining in Medford. Daniel’s son, General Samuel Lawrence, was its sole proprietor from 1867 until it closed. General Lawrence never divulged his reasons for the closing.

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