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Markoe Bay Rum - Markoe Rum Co., Saint Paul, MN (us_662)
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Markoe Bay Rum (us_662)

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Captain Abraham Markoe was a devout patriot and in 1774 he established the 1st volunteer militia in what would become the United States of America. He presented the troop with a regimental flag, his family flag the 'Markoe Standard', in which he added 13 stripes to represent the 13 rebel colonies.

This troop, The Philadelphia Light Horse, served as the personal body guard for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. As the troops fought and faced harsh conditions, Washington knew one of his most important tasks as General would be lifting the spirits of his soldiers. "What better way to do it than with a fine spirit!" suggested Captain Markoe, whose family was known for the quality rum they produced at their sugar plantations on St. Croix & Cooper Island. Thus it was determined every soldier would receive a ration of Markoe Rum, which was said to be "Loyal to the Last Drop!"

The troop, along with their standard and their rum, would go on to fight in the battles of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine and Germantown. When supplies were scarce for the winter at Valley Forge, General Washington requested more rum and it was Captain Markoe who delivered! Abraham and George became good friends and once joked that the rum was so good it inspired a revolution! For it was this rum that General Washington and his fellow officers sipped while planning the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

The Markoe's were shipowners who sailed and traded many different goods around the world, but their reputation as patriotic rum runners is what they were best known for. Today we are proud of our legacy and of our country. In honor of Captain Markoe and his fellow patriots we donate a portion of our profits to American military families & Veteran charities. God Bless the United States of America!

[Source: Company's web site (relevant page), cited 2020]

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us_662: Markoe Bay Rum; Autentic Caribbean Rum

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