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10cane  rum - Moët Hennessy USA (us296)
10cane rum

10cane rum

187 x 36 mm (7.4" x 1.4")
Thanks to Petr K.

Rum bottles

10cane rum - Moët Hennessy USA (us~10)
10cane rum

10cane rum

Here are full texts from the labels

us296: 10cane rum; Rum's redemption it begins with pure canes. Each bottle is crafed with the finest handpicked canes. Grown from rich Trinidad soil, water and beautiful sunlight. Crafted from the first pressing of virgin cane; Individual canes handled ever so carefully, then double distilled to bring out their natural flavor. A decadence unachievable with molasses. Pure sugar canes, in one bottle that finds its way to you. 10cane is the most extraordinary rum earth has ever seen. Untouched, Light, smooth. It's how rum was supposed to be.

us~10: 10cane rum; Saccharum Officinarum; 40%; 1 litre; Distilling Perfection From First Press Cane; Imported

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