North Woods Distillery, Coleman, WI

United States

Rum labels

Health Rum - North Woods Distillery, Coleman, WI (us_325)
Health Rum

Health Rum
Chocolad Mint Rum - North Woods Distillery, Coleman, WI (us_324)
Chocolad Mint Rum

Chocolad Mint Rum


Company was established in 2011.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2014]

Located in Coleman, Wisconsin, we operate under the assumption that today's consumer is health conscious and wants clean tasting spirits with little in the way of off flavors or burn.

Congeners in alcohol produce character and a sad feeling in the morning. Ethanol is what makes us happy and by refining our rum through 2 careful distillations, little is left in the way of congeners. We take great strides to produce our rums' character through flavoring.

Heath Rum tastes like candy; it's sweet, smooth, and has a toffee flavor. It's good straight up or on the rocks, but also mixes well. The North Woods Distillery grows Chocolat Mint, a variety of peppermint, naturally which is then distilled to make the flavoring. Mint is highlighted with a subtle chocolate flavor. Chocolat Mint Rum is great on the rocks and mixes well.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2014]

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us_325: NWD; Health Rum

us_324: NWD; Chocolad Mint Rum

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