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The Old Mill Gold Rum - Old Mill Wines & Spirits, Inc., Aloha, OR (us237)
The Old Mill Gold Rum

The Old Mill Gold Rum (us237)

120 x 83 mm (4.7" x 3.3")


In 1936, a young dreamer and adventurer from the backwoods of Oregon had an idea. If fine rum could be found in the West Indies, it might be imported for sale to the loggers and fishermen of the Pacific Northwest. An old atlas in the local library led our hero to the obscure island of St. Croix, in those days accessible only by ship.

After a long voyage from San Francisco via the Panama Canal, the discoverer of this exceptional rum made contact with the owners of a local distillery that had for generations been making whole sugar cane rums for the Caribbean market and it was agreed that a special export rum would be custom made for export to the Pacific Northwest.

[Source: Product Information Sheet]

Here are full texts from the labels

us237: The Old Mill Gold Rum; Time, care and oaken casks marry to mellow the finest sugar cane molasses and rain water into small, hand-crafted batches. The rich result is Old Mill's smooth, consistent taste and distinct, subtle aroma. Savor the cultivated character of Old Mill Gold Rum. Saint Croix; Imported; U.S. Virgin Islands; 750 ml; 80 Proof; 40% alc/vol (80 Proof); 631044104968

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