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Rum labels

Whaler's Great White - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_131)
Whaler's Great White

Whaler’s Great White

Whaler's dark rum - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_129)
Whaler's dark rum

Whaler’s dark rum

Whaler's Rare Reserve Dark Rum - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_130)
Whaler's Rare Reserve Dark Rum

Whaler’s Rare Reserve Dark Rum

Whaler's Spiced Rum - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_132)
Whaler's Spiced Rum

Whaler’s Spiced Rum

Whaler's Killer Coconut - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_133)
Whaler's Killer Coconut

Whaler’s Killer Coconut

Whaler's Big Island Banana - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_134)
Whaler's Big Island Banana

Whaler’s Big Island Banana

Whaler's Vanille - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_135)
Whaler's Vanille

Whaler’s Vanille

Whaler's Pineapple Paradise - Whaler’s Distilling Company (us_136)
Whaler's Pineapple Paradise

Whaler’s Pineapple Paradise



A different style of rum, Whaler's is made according to an old Hawaiian recipe.   Legend has it that early seafarers rattled vanilla beans in empty rum bottles at sunset to entice migrating whales to their boats to guide them to the tropical haven known as Hawaii.  

Once in Hawaii, these sailors discovered old rum makers from the isle of Maui and were so impressed by their Hawaiian homegrown rum that they called it Whaler's.  

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2004]

Here are full texts from the labels

us_131: Whaler's Original rum; Great White

us_129: Whaler's the original dark rum 40%

us_130: Whaler's Original rum; Rare Reserve Dark Rum; Rum with natural flavors

us_132: Whaler's Original rum; Spiced Rum; ... spice ... natural flavors

us_133: Whaler's Original rum; Killer Coconut; Rum with natural coconut flavor

us_134: Whaler's Original rum; Big Island Banana; Rum with natural coconut flavor

us_135: Whaler's Original rum; Vanille; Rum with vanilla and natural coconut flavor

us_136: Whaler's Original rum; Pineapple Paradise; Rum with natural pineapple ...

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