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Rum labels

Cachaça Calibrina Ouro - Galvão Agropecuária Ltda (br_560)
Cachaça Calibrina Ouro

Cachaça Calibrina Ouro
Cachaça Atleticana - Galvão Agropecuária Ltda (br_850)
Cachaça Atleticana

Cachaça Atleticana


Cachaça Calibrina Gold is produced in the city of Betim - Minas Gerais, where it is aged in oak casks in a subterranean cellar peaceful and harmonious environment. The distillation is carried out in a small copper stills and bottled in glass screw cap.

The oak wood is one of the most used in the world and suitable for many types of distillates such as whiskey, run, cognac and others. This wood promotes optimal oxidation of beverages contained within. Moreover, some of the impregnated into the wood and tannins are absorbed by the resin malt liquor during aging, giving you the golden color and flavor softened, magnify rum to taste the most faithful lovers.

[Source: Barril 514, cited 2010]

Here are full texts from the labels

br_560: Cachaça Calibrina Ouro; Aguardente de cana; 100% aresanal; 160 ml

br_850: Cachaça; CAM; Atleticana; Cachaça de Minas; 700 ml

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