Destilleerderij Mariënburg


1879 The Netherlands Trading Company (Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappy [NHM]) purchased the plantation Resolutie to cultivate and process sugar cane to molasses, sugar and rum. 1882, the NHM purchased additional sugar plantations such as Mariënburg , Zoelen, Visserszorg, Elisabethhoop, Berlijn and Geertruidenberg. In 1896 they also purchased plantation Belwaarde and there a pier for ocean ships was constructed. The sugar factory at Mariënburg became the main sugar center since 1882.

In the 1960s the Rubber Culture Company Amsterdam (RCMA) purchased the factory from the NHM (now ABN-AMRO). In 1974 the government of Suriname bought the factory at Mariënburg plus all the plantations for the symbolic sum of one guilder from the RCMA.

Closed in 1980's.

[Source: The Rum Portal (relevant page), cited 2004]

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