D.Z. Saradzhev / Gruzgosspirt, Tbilisi

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Rhum Fin -  D.Z. Saradzhev / Gruzgosspirt, Tbilisi (ge_1)
I have a picture only:(

Rhum Fin (ge_1)

I have a picture only:(
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Distillery and cognac factory D.Z. Saradzhev (Tiflis).
Saradzhev, D.Z. (David Zakharievich, 1848-1911)

[Source: WebISIS (det), cited 2021]

Statutes of the Alcohol and Brandy Trust of the Georgian SSR under the name of Gruzgosspirt: approved by the Economic Council of the Georgian SSR on 10 November 1924.

[Source: WebISIS (det), cited 2021]

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ge_1: Rom luchshiy; 1/20; Yamaiskiy; Rhum Fin; 40°; Gruzgosspirt V.S.N.KH.; No. 0; bivshyu. D.Z. Saradzheva, Tiflis, ul. Lenina, 30

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