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Arak Beras - Gwan Gwan Hoo (id_1)
I have a picture only:(

Arak Beras (id_1)

I have a picture only:(


Our company founded by my grandfather in 1920 in north Bali which is well known as the land between the mountain and the sea, the main agricultural busines of the village is rice. Therefore our product of arak bali 40%alc (bali spirits) and brem bali 9% alc (bali liquor) is using rice as the main raw materials (black rice and white rice). We also use coconut sugar in the production. In 1920 production was very limited and traditional, but our product taste of bali spirit and bali liquor has been well known in bali until now. We still keep our family recipes to get good taste of bali spirits and liquor to gain our customer satisfaction.

[Source: (det), cited 2010]

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id_1: Best Quality Arak Beras; Gwan Gwan Hoo; 3250ml; 40% alc/vol; Produced by Prah. Minuman Beralkohol Gwan Gwan Hoo, Bali - Indonesia; Dep. Kes. Ri MD 100522001002

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